The international automobile cargo transportation is carried out by truck-refrigerators.

Maritime transportation

Transportation by sea to almost any corner of the world. Optimum transit time, thanks to cooperation with leading transport companies.

Railway transportation

Transportation through the international railway communication in accordance with the temperature condition.

Ways and conditions of delivery

FromU2S delivers in various ways depending on your location and individual preferences. We will select the best delivery solution to meet the shortest deadline, reasonable price and ensure the safety of apples during transportation to any distance.

It must be approached with extra cautious of transportation apples, while maintaining their freshness and quality. To do this, we use special wagons and containers that support the required desired temperature during the entire transport period.


Our advantages

  • Delivery to every point of the world (transportation by sea, railway, road transport).
  • The choice of packaging (from standard to individual).
  • Maintaining the temperature regime with the help of refrigerator trucks and containers.
  • Delivery on time.
  • Minimum transit time.
  • Flexible pricing policy.

The quality of delivery begins from the moment of choosing a reliable package for apples: single and double-row cardboard boxes are perfect for the truck, and we recommend to use bushels for the container. You can also choose an individual type of packaging and delivery.

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