Honey Crisp

Honey Crisp

The elongated-conical fruits of this variety have a greenish-yellow color, sometimes with a fuzzy reddish blush. The skin is very thick, smooth and shiny. The flesh of the fruit is very juicy. The apples have pronounced sweetishly-sour taste, while the flavor is weak enough. High crop yield and excellent ability to stay fresh, suitability for long-distance transportation and processing are the main advantages of the variety.

Calendar of shipments

October - May




We are constantly offering our European buyers favorable terms of cooperation.
  • Delivery on time
    FromU2S company successfully and on time delivered more than 100 thousand tons of products have already been delivered in time to distributive networks and processing enterprises of many countries of the European Union.
  • Long-term contacts
    More than 130 long-term contracts for the supply of large lots have been performed by FromU2S over the past three years; more than 130 satisfied customers have received a quality order in time.
  • Supplies
    The company is engaged in deliveries of new for consumers in Europe high-quality Ukrainian goods and food products, which have already found their market niche.
  • Experience
    The experienced staff of the company will ensure fast order management of any complexity within the delivery time limit to the client's warehouse.


One-layer carton box

Apples are placed in a one layer in carton box, which is an environmentally friendly product, helping the apples to keep an appetizing form during transportation.

Two-layer carton box

It is a standard reinforced eco-box with opened design, in which the apples are neatly arranged in two layers.


Capacious five-layers carton box with securely closed lid to preserve freshness and keep proper quality during transportation.

Wooden box

The European wooden box has the highest-level of protection and do not allow fruit and packaging to get crumpled on the road.

Plastic bag

It is an affordable and practical material, which is one of the most convenient and easy to use for transporting apples.

Individual packing

No restrictions – we are ready to implement any of your ideas and pack apples according to your requests.

Cultivation and storage

Apples of all varieties are grown in environmentally safe regions of Ukraine. Before the sale, they are stored in special refrigerators at a temperature of + 1 ... + 7 degrees Celsius, depending on the variety and humidity of 85-95%. In the cold stores, a special atmospheric pool with low oxygen content and an elevated level of nitrogen and carbon dioxide are maintained. Due to this atmosphere, the activity of aerobic microorganisms and mold fungus are suppressed, and the oxidation process is inhibited.
  • Location
    All products of vegetable origin, supplied by the company FromU2S, are grown in unpolluted areas of Ukraine.
  • Cultivation
    Only specialized private farms and agroholdings are engaged in growing and harvesting. Reaping is performed with the help of modern techniques.
  • Sorting
    After harvesting, the products are sorted and scrapped of poor-quality fruit. Storage is provided in special conditions.
  • Storage
    We use for this purpose Dutch and Polish refrigerators with controlled-environment conditions.

Our gardens

We cooperate only with advanced gardeners, whose gardens are located in Vinnitsa, Chernivtsi and Ternopil regions. Only advanced technologies are used to provide high quality of apples for planting, growing, harvesting and storing crops, confirmed by quality certificate GLOBAL G.A.P. We monitor every stage - from planting trees to delivering apples to you.

Apples grown in our gardens are an environmentally friendly product that has already come to taste not only in Sweden, but also in many other countries. Climatic conditions, good soil and many years of gardener's experience help us provide wide range of apples annually: Golden, Red Chief, Royal Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Champion, Red Jonaprince, Honey Crisp.


Delivery is carried out only by reliable transport companies with whom FromU2S has concluded direct long-term contracts
  • Water transport
    Transportation of goods by water transport has proved to be one of the cheapest types of forwarding. Today, cargo water transport ensures the need for intercontinental delivery of products.
  • Railway transport
    The company FromU2S is interested in ensuring that transportation services are provided at a high level in compliance with all requirements of legislation, including customs.
  • Air transport
    The maximum speed and safety of cargo movement, which in most cases are the key factors when choosing the method of delivery.
  • Incoterms
    Standardization and optimization of the terms of international supply contracts to bring them in line with the laws of all contracting countries.


Sticker for apple

Sticker for apple

Putting on an individual label according to the customer's layout sheet.



Waxing for a better presentation and longer shelf life.

Putting the label on the container

Putting the label on the container

Putting the customer's label on the container.

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