We offer a wide selection of packaging for apples for further transportation and sale. All packaging boxes are purchased from European manufacturers and are used for apples reliable transportation. You can also make apples packing to look more beautiful and original by choosing individual packaging methods.

One-layer carton box

Apples are placed in a one layer in carton box, which is an environmentally friendly product, helping the apples to keep an appetizing form during transportation.

Two-layer carton box

It is a standard reinforced eco-box with opened design, in which the apples are neatly arranged in two layers.


Capacious five-layers carton box with securely closed lid to preserve freshness and keep proper quality during transportation.

Wooden box

The European wooden box has the highest-level of protection and do not allow fruit and packaging to get crumpled on the road.

Plastic bag

It is an affordable and practical material, which is one of the most convenient and easy to use for transporting apples.

Individual packing

No restrictions – we are ready to implement any of your ideas and pack apples according to your requests.

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