Private Label

A simple visual solution that will focus on your brand - from a small sticker on apples or packaging to the implementation of a full-fledged design on boxes. Our products work for you.

Apple sticker

Individual label with your brand, which is placed on each apple separately. It can be also used in conjunction with the labels on the packaging.

Full branding of packaging

We will realize your own packaging design. And after transportation, it will look favorably on the shelves with your logo.

Packaging sticker

Put a separate sticker with your logo on cardboard boxes, wooden boxes or on a plastic bag. We use your size and design.

Why worth using Private Label

Use Private Label to increase brand awareness, attract new customers and more effectively express yourself and your company.

  • Recipe for success By offering our apples under your logo, you expand the scope of product sales, evoking confidence in those who are familiar with your brand and popularize your TM among potential customers.
  • Unique design You can not only choose a standard apple sticker with your logo, but also develop your own packaging design, which we will easily realize.
  • Economy No need to grow apples, we took care of that for you. Simply purchase a private label, saving a tidy sum and adding new goods to your product range.

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